Ignite, Mood, GBX Fit. Sexual wellness, hormone balance support, mental wellness, postpartum, weight loss.

The Happy Hormone Pack

This pack of 3 truly innovative products is designed to help balance horomones, stabilize mood, and support healthy weight loss.

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Amare Edge. Mental wellness for mood, motivation, and metabolism.

Meet Edge.

Amare EDGE, the all-natural nootropic, that helps you with mood, motivation, and metabolism. 3 things every busy mama needs.

This wonderful concoction comes in 2 great flavors: grape and watermelon.

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The Secret to Mental Wellness

Gut and immune support in 3 steps. Probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics for mental wellness and improving the gut brain connection.

The Fundamentals

These 3 products are a game changer for optimizing the gut-brain axis. MentaBIOTICS for gut health, MentaFOCUS to support cognitive function, and MentaSYNC to optimize the gut brain connection.

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Financial Wellness and Freedom. Earn money online through social media. Influencer Commission Structure

Financial Wellness

Partner with Mom Stuff to help others achieve overall wellness through holistic, natural, and effective solutions. PLUS, gain financial wellness and earn exclusive rewards along the way. There are multiple ways to grow a business through this unqiue partnership. Click learn more for more in-depth information or reach out directly via the contact form!

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