Mommy & Me Workout


Safety First

This is probably common sense, but your baby needs to be able to hold up his/her head before attempting these exercises. Make sure you are healed from delivery. Don’t over exert yourself at first.

Baby Bench Press

Just as it sounds, literally bench press your baby. Lay flat on the floor, and raise them up and down. Make it fun with some kisses, and enjoy their sweet giggles!

Dance It Out

Put some music on, and get your groove on! Hold your baby, and just dance! It’s that easy. You can also dance with your baby in a carrier! They love the bouncing and movement. It might also be a good chance for them to catch a nap!

Baby Squats

Hold your baby to your chest, and do a set of squats. You can even do wall sits this way! It’s a great way to get your booty back!

Go for a Stroll

Walking is a great source of exercise, and it’s easy to do with a baby! Put them in a stroller or carrier, and get moving!