Habits of Healthy Moms



Sleep deprivation can lead to so many issues with your overall physical and mental well-being. It really does wonders for your mood!

Get Active

Even if you just dance around your living room for a few minutes, exercise really does have mood altering effects. Do what you can, and even get the kiddos involved.

Ask For Help

Instead of trying to take on the world by yourself, ask for a little help every now and then. Try saying “Yes, please” instead of “No, I’m fine.”

Get off Social Media

Social media has transformed our lives in so many great ways. We are able to easily connect with people all over the world, but it comes with its own downside. Moms on social media always compare! Don’t do it. Put your phone down, and enjoy some time with your family instead.

Plan a Girls Night

Husbands and family are great, but they don’t always get it. Spend some time with your girls. You can surely squeeze in a cup of coffee, right? Mom friends are seriously the best friends.

Ditch the Past

Forgive & forget. Don’t live in the past, and all that good stuff. Remember, this too shall pass. When things get really hard, find something to look forward to!!

Get Out of the House

Fresh air and sunlight really can do a lot of good. Being outside are believed to enhance overall mood. Hit up a playground or go for a walk, even if it’s just around the block.

Get Your Cuddle On

Humans are naturally social creatures. We crave contact. Love on your babies or your husband. Everyone will benefit.